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Who we are – What we are about.

In September 2004, Louis Johnson of Cary, N. C. and a proud owner of a 1969 Cadillac DeVille Convertible, decided to learn more about how to form a new Region affiliated with the National Cadillac and LaSalle Club.  His thinking was that there are many Cadillac Owners and lovers who would like to be able to talk about their cars, show their cars, and learn more about them through a network of club members who all share some of the same desires.  He learned that the only Region in North Carolina was based in the Western area of the state and that was too far away to be of value to the folks Down East who wanted to be able have some of the pleasures that a club can offer.

He contacted the President of the Cadillac and LaSalle Club and the President of the Carolina Region to learn how to setup a new Region, if possible and was referred to our current Southeastern Region Vice President, Mr. Lee Herbermann.  Lee  was and has been very helpful in getting this North Carolina Eastern Region up and going and we are grateful to him for  his help and support.

In the fall of 2005, Louis met Paul Simcock of Raleigh at a car show and learned that Paul had been having some of the same thoughts that Louis had about forming a new Region and after several conversations and meetings, Louis and Paul made several contacts about becoming members of a new Region for Cadillac and LaSalle automobiles and came to the conclusion that there was enough interest in Eastern North Carolina to have a meeting to explore further possibilities of making this dream come true.

Paul agreed to act as President or Moderator of a meeting and Louis agreed to help get out notices and would act as a Secretary and Treasurer of such a group if it was successful.  A list of contacts was put together, a date, time and place was set and Louis and Paul made the contacts and on February 25, 2006,  a group of Cadillac Owners and Lovers gathered at McCalls Seafood and Barbeque Restaurant in Clayton, N. C. for our first meeting and meal together.

At our first meeting, Paul Simcock was elected President, Al Felton – Vice-President, Louis Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer, Brian Watkins – Even Planner, Ed Dougher – Newsletter Editor and Producer.

There were approximately 16 people at the first meeting and 11 Cadillacs or LaSalles.

The rest is history so far as the N. C. Eastern Region is concerned and we have continued to grow and become a Region with ideas and a nice future.  We are always accepting and looking for new members who share the Love and Heritage of the CADILLAC AND LA SALLE automobiles.

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