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April 2010

Selma Car Show Event.

April 18, 2010

We had a great day for a car show in Selma. The weather and the cars were beautiful the fried chicken was delicious. We did not have as many members present as we did in Raleigh but everyone that came had a great time. Maybe we can have 20 or more cars again in New Bern on May 15th.

I made a short video of our cars and some of the other cars in the show. Enjoy.

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By: Wayne Womble

I bought this 1933 Convertible Coupe in Oct. of 2003, and have been working on the restoration for the last several years. There were 71 V8 convertible coupes, style 33-168 built in 1933, this one being body #6.  It was an almost complete car, in very good condition, with very little rust or wood rot. This made it a relatively easy restoration, if there is such a thing.

The major item that was missing was the special Helmut style wiper system that was only on the `33 convertible cars. The wipers were completely gone and there was nothing there. Just finding out what they looked like was a challenge, not to mention finding parts. There would have only been about 200 or so cars that were so equipped.  I was very lucky to find people that were willing to help me with pictures, drawings etc. and I set out to fabricate them. I was also lucky enough to find someone who had done the exact same thing years ago and had a few pieces. For the next two years I made all of the rest of the parts necessary to finish the wipers.  I did almost all of the restoration myself, including the paint, top, and interior. The chrome and some machine work on the wiper parts were farmed out.

Being a member of an organization like the CLC is very beneficial. I find that most of the members go to great lengths to be helpful. You are able to find a network of people with the same car and the same interest that have experienced the same problems and can guide you along the way.  I would like to recognize some of those members that have been so helpful.  I am sure that I annoyed them with my questions from time to time.   Paul Ayres, Johan Boltendal, Bob Hoffman, Dick Shappy, Ted Borowsky and Terry Peters to name a few. Thanks, I couldn’t have done it without you.

After I bought the car, I started to try to put together a history. The car was a rather odd color and I knew there must have been a reason for it. I started tracing owners, through Massachusetts, New Hampshire, to Charlotte NC where I learned that I was correct about the Carolina Blue color. The last owner in Charlotte had bought it from a man in Cary NC in 1959. Go figure, that guy was an acquaintance of mine and lived only 10 miles from me. So the car had come back home. I then checked the Cadillac archives and found that it had been shipped to Providence RI for the auto show there in Jan of `33.  This was a large multi dealer show to display their new offerings and it went on for about 10 days.  So far I haven’t been able to find the owners for the 20 years from `33 to `53, but I am working on it.

I built this car as a driver and have driven it to several CLC functions as well as pleasure trips. I find it a very smooth, quiet, and dependable car, deserving of the name Cadillac.

Please view the video below to see the car as it is today.

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